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Quickly Clean your Concrete and Siding with this Pressure Washer

⁣Quickly clean your concrete and siding with this MUTAOMAY 3500PSI Gas Pressure Washer. The pressure washer provides 2.3GPM cleaning power with its 209cc engine and pump. As you can see in this video, it is easy to assemble, fill up with oil and gas, hook up the water supply, choose the appropriate spray nozzle, and begin cleaning. MUTAOMAY was kind enough to send me this Pressure Washer for evaluation.

MUTAOMAY 3500 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Unboxing and Assembly

0:00 Pressure Washer Unboxing
1:23 Attaching wheels
2:00 Attaching handle
3:01 Installing nozzles into the handle
3:25 Remove tape from the gas tank
5:04 Joe helping me figure out how to affix the gas tank lid
6:11 Installing water supply screen
6:25 Installing pressure washer hose
6:51 Review of starting instructions
7:35 No oil in unit tag
7:50 Assembly of pressure washer wand
8:15 Attaching wand to pressure washer hose
9:00 Attaching wand holder
9:58 Filling up the oil reservoir 11:11 Attaching water hose
11:24 Filling the gas tank
12:00 Filling up soap tank

As you can see in the video, the unit was packed nicely. Please note that it is quite heavy as it weighs over 60 pounds. The directions were clear with only slight translation issues, which I will provide them with feedback on. The tag on the unit provides a clear indication that no oil is in the unit. And the starting instructions, which include illustrations, allow you to understand how to start the pressure washer.

My Feedback on the MUTAOMAY Pressure Washer

The holder for the pressure washer wand works without the hose. Please note that when the hose is attached, the wand does not sit in the holder properly. I believe the design is to hold the want without the hose. You could secure it with a piece of velcro. My feedback to MUTAOMAY is to include a velcro strap that one could attach to the wand holder to wrap around the wand.

My only safety observation with high-powered pressure washers in general is that they are so powerful when they run they move easily. This can be a safety or property issue that you need to consider. You would not want the pressure washer bumping into your vehicle as you are using it. And, you would not want it skipping down the driveway either. Perhaps you need to purchase wheel chocks and put them under the wheel. Consider the area and what safety precautions you must take to avoid an accident and damage.

Starting the Pressure Washer

12:24 Priming pump by pressing wand trigger
12:32 Starting pressure washer ASMR

You’ll want to put a foot on the pressure washer base. Pulling the starting cord requires some force and it will flip over the pressure washer if you are not careful.

Quickly Clean Concrete and Siding

This part of the video demonstrates how well the pressure washer cleans the concrete, siding trim, garage doors, and brick. Even if you have no intention of doing this yourself, you can watch this content if you enjoy the sound as in ASMR or if you enjoy watching equipment being used. Using my Rode Wireless Go II microphones you barely heard the engine. So I was sure to mix in the audio from the GoPro attached to the pressure washer wand.

13:22 Pressure washing siding
15:34 Pressure washing aluminum trim
16:09 Pressure washing garage door
17:50 Pressure washing brick
19:20 Pressure washing concrete
21:28 Pressure washing driveway
22:29 How to clean brick with a pressure washer
24:58 How to clean concrete with a pressure washer
26:55 How to clean trim with a pressure washer
28:34 How to clean a garage door with a pressure washer
30:14 Cleaning concrete with a pressure washer
32:41 Cleaning driveway with a pressure washer
33:15 Cleaning siding with a pressure washer
37:41 Cleaning brick with a pressure washer

For my application, I chose the white pressure washer nozzle, which is a 40-degree tip. This will allow me to cover a wider area with the wand. I expected that this tip would cut right through the dirt, mold, and algae and it didn’t disappoint. You’ll notice in the video that the 3500PSI at over 2 gallons per minute cleans quickly. I’m very pleased with this performance. My other pressure washer was the 2800PSI, which does a great job.

Storing the Pressure Washer

38:18 How to store MUTAOMAY pressure washer

Storing the pressure washer is easy. Turn off the pressure washer by flipping the on / off switch to the off position. Turn off the water supply. Pull the pressure washer wand trigger to release the pressure. Disconnect the water supply hose from the pressure washer. Then disconnect the wand from the pressure washer hose and secure it in the pressure washer wand holder. And lastly, disconnect the pressure washer hose from the pressure washer.

Carefully wrap up the pressure washer hose. While you are wrapping it up, let the water drain from it. Remove the velcro strap from the clip, and place the pressure washer hose where the strap is. Wrap up the hose with the velcro strap. Store the pressure washer.

Pressure Washer and Accessories

MUTAOMAY 3500PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner
Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner, Purple, Unscented

This is a shopping list curated by U Do It.

U Do It™ Pressure Washer Essentials Shopping List

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