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Do It Yourself Plumbing

Maybe you were born to be a plumber but never became one. Or plumbing may be a difficult concept to grasp as it is for me. Plumbers spend years in school and as an apprentice studying the trade. Just ask our friend Roger Wakefield. He can tell you during one of his live streams.

What Are You Willing To Do

There are certain things I won’t take on myself as a DIY project. Plumbing is one I’m willing to do myself but it is scary. If not done correctly there can be major problems.

Sons Bathroom Faucet Replacement

For example, I replaced our son’s shower faucet with a pressure-balanced faucet. I had to use a MAPP gas torch next to studs that were over 50 years old. I used two heat shields and sprayed the studs with water. We had water bottles and a fire extinguisher on hand. But, this was scary because the house could have caught fire from this DIY plumbing effort.

Parents House Plumbing

When I was a kid I worked on the plumbing in the bathroom in the home I grew up in. My dad worked as a plumber for his uncle for several years and told me what to do. But, I didn’t do a good job of sanding down the copper to remove oxidation. My solder job was not so good and the pipes leaked. Fortunately, we were able to fix it. But let’s say it was a slow drip and created a larger mold problem in the house.

DIY or Hire a Plumber

You may want to hire a professional. Saving a few dollars by doing it yourself may cost you more in repair costs in the long run.