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Cooking Fried Eggs on the T-Fal Frying Pan

I’ve had the T-Fal flying pan for over three months now and I wanted to give an update. It’s tough to give a comprehensive review...
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Melitta Single Pour – Brewing Your Own Coffee Video

What’s more satisfying than buying a cup of coffee? Brewing your own coffee with the Melitta Single Pour at home and skipping the drive-thru line...
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Making an Omelette is Easy with these Utensils

Every morning for breakfast I have three eggs while I’m preparing for the day. In this video we’re making an egg omelette with peppers topped...
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Save money by rebuilding your grill burners

My master forge grill 3218LTN was built in 2013 making it 9 years old at the recording of this video. I’ve always been of the...
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Easy cleanup after reheating pizza on parchment paper

Easy cleanup after reheating pizza on parchment paper The worst is trying to remove stuck pizza from a cookie sheet. Pizza that just seemed to...