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How big should your makerspace be?

We tour Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio to find out the answer to everyone’s question: How big should your makerspace be? This is part of WorkbenchCon meetups we had in WorkbenchCon 2019. Our first trip was to Highland Woodworking where we see one of the world’s premiere woodworking shops. Then we head over to Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio which is an amazing makerspace ran by employees and students.

0:00 Message from Jimmy DiResta
0:20 Visit Highland Woodworking
1:00 Visit Georgia Tech’s Flowers Innovation Studio
1:13 Safety Meeting & History
1:45 Veronica of Industrial Manufacturing discussing embroidery
2:33 Additive Manufacturing and Maker Community Discussion
3:32 Water Jet demonstration
4:25 Machinist Area Walkthrough
4:57 Review of Milling Machine
7:03 Jimmy DiResta showing us EDM wire
8:10 Jimmy explaining EDM to me, Derek from Malden & Chad from ManCrafting™️
10:18 WorkbenchCon Meetup Group Photo at Invention Studio
11:42 Bobby Duke, Caleb Kraft & Chad Grosklags juggling

Original source of the video is provided by U Do It, on YouTube channel U Do It.

Chad Grosklags from ManCrafting™ was gracious enough to drive us from location to location for these meetups. Chad was also instrumental in ensuring both Bernie Solo and I were included in all events. WorkbenchCon for me was already off an an amazing start. I want to give a special thanks to Chad and Bernie for helping to make WorkbenchCon an unforgettable experience.

Highland Woodworking

0:20 Visit Highland Woodworking

Highland Woodworking sits on the corner at 1045 North Highland Avenue Northeast and Los Angeles Avenue Northeast in Atlanta, Georga. In the winter it stands out as the trees have no leaves. You can’t help but notice the amazing storefront with Highland Woodworking carved letters at the top of the facade. I’ve been to woodworking shops before but nothing like Highland Woodworking.

Original source of the photo is provided by U Do It, on YouTube channel U Do It.

It was a Nostalgic Moment

Many of those in attendance have been to this store so I went on my journey around the store. I used my Panasonic G85 camera to capture my point of view for you as I walked throughout the store. I had a rush of feelings and memories that hit me. Our father recently passed away and I couldn’t help but think how he would have felt walking around the store. It was nostalgic for me since I grew up in a house where our dad’s workshop was my  favorite playground. Saying that my life was different from other children in my neighborhood was an understatement. I would still hang out with friends but this yearning of making something would consume me. I would rather stay indoors and build something instead of playing football or baseball.

So Many Tools

As you walk in you are presented with an open two floor showroom segmented into specialties. Books and periodicals in one section. Power tool stations, hand power tools, measuring tools, hand tools, hand planes, chisels, finishes were among the extensive list of tools available. It was a challenge to focus. No sooner do you find one item you’re attention is whisked away into the ADHD squirrel moment. We didn’t have much time to browse and I was about to grab an interview with Bobby Duke of Bobby Duke Arts.

Original source of the photo is provided by U Do It, on YouTube channel U Do It.

Georgia Tech Invention Studio Tour

After we finished at Highland Woodworking we headed over to Georgia Tech’s Flowers Invention Studio. The Invention Studio sits in the campus at 801 Ferst Drive, in Atlanta, GA. Prior to entering Tim, Andrew and Thomas gave held a safety meeting to review strict protocols. My experience gained while working at Mobil Refinery in Paulsboro, NJ during my co-ops for Drexel University helped me appreciate such meetings. We also learned about the history of the studio, who maintains it and how much is donated by alumni and corporations.

Safety First

As we toured the studio we were overwhelmed with not only the amount of tools but also how much thought was put into its organization and flow. Safety is a big concern when working with powered tools and even hand tools. Table saws are one such tool that can change someone’s life instantly. So it is of no surprise that the Invention Studio has a Saw Stop table saw. The Saw Stop table saw has a brake cartridge built into it.  This brake cartridge will trigger when it detects a finger or hand come in contact with the blade. When it triggers a pack explodes and launches the aluminum brake into the blade which stops the blade immediately. Caleb Kraft is holding a triggered Saw Stop Brake Cartridge with a saw blade embedded within it.

It’s a Technology I’ve Never Seen Before

7:03 Jimmy DiResta showing us EDM wire
8:10 Jimmy explaining EDM to me, Derek from Malden & Chad from ManCrafting™️

Jimmy DiResta and Chris Zeppieri are admiring the results of the part created with the wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). It’s the first time I’ve seen such a machine and I was impressed. I’m already familiar with CNC and 3D Printing but this is a first for me. The EDM uses a wire filament that is electrically charged that cuts through the material.

Group Photo

10:18 WorkbenchCon Meetup Group Photo at Invention Studio

We wanted a group photo so I setup my camera and got video of us organizing the photo. Bobby Duke is not capable of smiling for a photo in the presence of Derek Forestier.

Group Photo shot at Georgia Tech Invention Studio taken at the end of the tour

Original source of the photo is provided by U Do It, on YouTube channel U Do It.

If you are a woodworker, maker, or lifestyle enthusiast you will want to attend WorkbenchCon. It is an amazing show to bring brands and content creators together to network and learn how to work with one another!


Highland Woodworking
George Tech Invention Studio
Andrew Morris title: Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio
Tim Felbinger title: Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio
Thomas Watkins title: Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio
Caleb Kraft title: Make Magazine
Bernie Solo title: Content Creator at Works by Solo
Jimmy DiResta title: Content Creator at Jimmy DiResta
Derek Forestier title: Content Creator at Derek from Malden
Chad Grosklags title: Content Creator at Man Crafting™️
Chris Zeppieri title: Content Creator at Make Everything Shop
Giaco title: Content Creator at Giaco Whatever
Bobby Duke title: Content Creator at Bobby Duke Arts
Quinn title: Content Creator at Blondihacks
Paul Pinto Jr. title: Content Creator at Paul Pinto
Joe Nazaretta title: Owner Da Kine Designs
Music by: Disteff

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